The Other TTDM Games (pt. 2) July 23 2014, 0 Comments

Grow - Exhibiting as equal parts Art and Game at the IndieCade at E3. I don't know if they're eyeing production, but it still looks great and I hope they stick with wood. The theme just requires it.

Wizard Dodgeball - Everybody's favorite fantasy sports simulation is looking even better and headed to Kickstarter soon.

Fart Party - Max's favorite game is back in development and adding more dice to enhance the Press-Your-Luck feel. The version I played at Gen Con last year was already too good an idea not to get picked up. With some improvements I expect to see this game published in short order.

Installation 42 - Picked up for publication by Catalyst Game Labs - the makers of Shadowrun and BattleTech. Look for it next year.

Rocket Wreckers - I'm not sure, but I think Rob decided to suspend development on this game, but he's been hard at work on others like The Rumplebum Academy for Bug-Based Baking and Epic Monster Tea Party. He co-hosts a really informative and fun podcast here and you check it out if you're not a fan already.