The One & Only Discount Salmon Inspiration Pack

$ 2,500.25

This is the T-Shirt that started it all. One of these shirts was given to each participant at Omaha's Startup Weekend in September 2012, where Water Bear Games first came to be. The one in this pack is my own and the primary inspiration for the Discount Salmon card game. The graphic design of this shirt is actually not bad at all, I rather like it, but the color it was printed on... ugh. What hasn't been said? It's kind of a sickly pinkish-orange like... well... week old salmon left on the sidewalk. Was the person who conceived of this hue blinded forevermore by its creation? We can't be sure, but we hope they didn't pay too much to get so many made.

Order this shirt and I, Marcus Ross, will hand-deliver it to you along with a dozen signed copies of Discount Salmon (assuming affordable plane tickets can be acquired. I have a passport). I will be delighted, nee OVERJOYED to teach you the game personally and then discuss why on Earth you'd order this thing for so much money. Maybe it can be your lucky shirt, too.

Size: 2XL.
Color: Discount Salmon (I promise you, this picture is not doing it justice)